Friday, 23rd October 2020

Guardian readers' child made to write socially aware letter to Santa

A CHILD of liberal parents has been coached to write a Santa letter focusing on environmental and social justice issues over presents.

Six-year-old Tom Logan’s parents suggested his Christmas list should include things like ‘stopping climate change’, although it is unclear how Santa, if he existed, could deliver them.

Mum Claire said: “It’s wonderful that he thought of asking Father Christmas for more rainforests and homes for the homeless all by himself.

“We definitely didn’t tell him what to write, although I may have mentioned in passing it was selfish to ask for a robot dinosaur when global warming is going to kill us all.”

The letter also asks for justice for Bolivia, the UK government to reopen the Leveson inquiry, a fairer society and ‘for an underprivileged family to have my Nintendo Switch if they should need it’.

Dad Rhys said: “It’s all Tom’s own work, and if you don’t believe me read it yourself. I took a photo and put it on our Facebook page as soon as he’d finished it.”

Jack said: “I’d like a RoboRaptor as well, but only if Santa’s got room for it on his sleigh after abolishing tuition fees.”