Wednesday, 30th September 2020

House prices falling is terrible, homeowner tells renter friend

A HOMEOWNER feels a friend who rents should be more sympathetic about her not making as much money as she expected on a property.

Francesca Johnson explained that her four-bedroom house in Bournemouth may yield a smaller than predicted fortune when she sells it, yet friend Donna Sheridan seemed strangely unconcerned. 

Johnson said: “I worked really hard to inherit that house and this is how the market repays me? It’s appalling.

“I’d expected Donna to be a lot more sympathetic but she just went ‘oh dear’. I suppose now she’s sorted in her cushy rented flat she doesn’t care about homeowners like me.

“When something goes wrong with her property she can just phone the landlord whereas I have to call a tradesman. But Donna looked as if she barely cared.  

“Yep, she’s sitting pretty in her one-bedroom flat with no bath so it’s stuff the rest of us.” 

Sheridan said: “If Fran was actually losing real money I might care. But instead I’ll just regard it as petty payback for me flushing my money down the bog every month.”