Thursday, 25th February 2021

How to rebuild your social skills after months of video calls

AS the world returns to semi-normality, the invitations are flooding in. But can you handle it after months of Zoom? Here’s how to deal with real life interactions: 


It was great to be able to lower the volume on Gary when he started banging on, and to mute yourself to do a massive fart mid-pub quiz, but those days are over. Time to reacquaint yourself with the art of holding in both irritation and wind.


Your ragged old boxers are longer an acceptable bottom-half option for social occasions. No one is saying the return to jeans will be easy, but it is necessary if you don’t want to be ostracised or arrested.


As hard as it may be to remember now, socialising didn’t previously revolve around constantly checking yourself out while other people talk. If you can’t give it up, ask the pub when booking if they’ve got a massive mirror you can sit next to.

Social media

In the real world, it’s also far less acceptable to mindlessly scroll through Twitter and Facebook on the sly while people are talking. For a healthy ratio, give in to the urge to check your phone once for every 20 times it hits.


Remember those? The beautiful simplicity of the ‘leave meeting’ function is gone, so get ready for old-fashioned drawn-out exits with the added fun of not being able to hug or shake hands. And don’t wave: it was bizarrely an accepted part of Zoom calls, but now you just look weird.