Idiot pays five grand for a f**king number plate

A MAN has bought a personalised number plate to let everyone know how amazing he is.

Sean Hicks purchased the registration S3AN 1 for his Audi TT to highlight the fact he has been more successful than you and will continue to be so.

He said: “Now I have a number plate that vaguely resembles my name people will know that I am an outstanding human being.

“Actually my name is Dave but all the Dave plates had been taken. My wife suggested I buy ‘P3N 1S’ but I don’t see how that works.

“The most important thing is, other people will know that I am one of life’s winners and that makes it worth five, no, 50 grand.”

Driver Kelly Barnes, said: “I cannot believe people are stupid enough to spend thousands of pounds on a number plate. It’s insane.

“I’m in the process of changing my name by deed poll to RM15 WXP and it only costs £30.”