Internet misogynists given chance to meet a woman

A GROUP of online trolls have been introduced to an actual woman for the first time.

Wo-Meet is a new initiative where sexually-vindictive internet obsessives can experience meeting a woman who is not in a browser window.

A spokesman said: “Wo-Meet is a place where the socially-petrified men who use the net as a repository for their unpleasantness can spend 20 closely-monitored minutes talking to a woman who won’t make fun of them.”

Waynes Hayes, 29, said: “At first I was scared because she was fully clothed and much bigger than monitor-size. But she was very nice.

“When I asked she said that Nikki was her proper name, not a made-up name for being in porn films. Apparently most women aren’t even in porn films.

“We had lots of similarities. I asked her what food women eat and she said it was the same as men.”

He added: “At the end, I said she could come to my mum’s house and we could have fish fingers and watch my favourite programme, which is Primeval.

“She said thanks, but probably not.”