Friday, 5th June 2020

Male mannequins to feature hand down front of trousers

MALE fashion mannequins are to be more realistic, including at least one hand rammed permanently down the front of their trousers.

As Debenhams introduced the first shop mannequin to be vaguely the same shape as a woman, experts said the male version would be ‘plump, slouched and at ease with its groin’.

Mannequin designer Charlie Reeves said: “"Men are more interested in fashion than ever. But they want to know what a pair of trousers will look like both with and without ‘hand’.

"Most high street retailers will also introduce sofa-based mannequins so male customers can stand back and see what they will look like 90 percent of the time in any given trouser."

Tom Logan, from Peterborough, said: “"I'’ve had to take back several pairs of jeans because they just didn’t work with my fat little hands.

“"Just so'’s we’re clear, I’m not fondling myself. I just need to put one of both of my hands down there or I become very anxious.”"

Martin Bishop, from Doncaster, added: “"I am fondling myself.”"