Man coincidentally befriends most attractive woman in office

A MAN has become good friends with a female colleague who also happens to be very attractive.

Tom Logan says he simply ‘gets on’ with beautiful co-worker Francesca Johnson, despite this never happening with any of the less attractive women in his office.

Administrator Logan said: “We just do normal workmate things like me constantly hovering around her desk trying to make her laugh or listening intently to her personal problems.

“I’ve never really noticed her perfectly proportioned face, slender figure or delightful little pout when she’s concentrating on something.

“We’re just into a lot of the same stuff, like Stranger Things and other hugely popular television programmes.

“I always ask if she wants to go for lunch, she’s usually busy but it’s a good way of keeping her informed about important office issues like the photocopier being serviced.

“I’m planning on inviting her to stay over on Friday night for a DVD marathon-cum-slumber party. I expect most people who work together do that.”

Logan’s friendship with Johnson has since been dramatically scaled back after she met a ‘really nice guy’ who works in the City.