Man expects praise for not being a misogynist

A MAN thinks he deserves recognition and respect for not being an obvious misogynist.

Nathan Muir, from Haggerston, believes that his conviction that women are more or less equal to men in most ways entitles him to some kind of medal.

Muir said: “I never hold doors open, I always offer to wash up, and I never turn off Question Time just because Germaine Greer is on.

“I also do my best to make sure the porn I watch is nicely lit with high production values.”

Muir said that workplaces should do more to ensure men and women were paid equally, but added that it was not a problem at his office because no women were employed there.

He continued: “I guess I’m just a really thoughtful, sensitive guy who loves Wonder Woman and abortions. I just wish everyone else was enlightened as me.

“I have many attractive female friends.”