Man forced to carry Christmas presents round eight pubs

A MAN is furious after being given no option but to cart bulky Christmas presents on a full pub crawl. 

Stephen Malley was given the presents, which he was also warned are fragile, in the last hour of his working day and had to subsequently protect them for six progressively drunken hours like a videogame escort mission.

He said: “What kind of sadist? I should have left them in TGI Fridays.

“By the time we were at Wetherspoons I was totally sick of looking after them and if that weird bloke had grabbed one I’d at least have been free of its burden.

“Everyone knows you only give gifts in a house or an office. Maybe a car.”

The present, a collection of glass bowls, is expected to make it home, be left in the porch and eventually be opened and broken on New Year’s Eve.