Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Man looking forward to seeing what he got his mum for Christmas

A MAN will see his mother’s face light up at his present to her at the same time as he finds out what that present is, having delegated all present-buying to his wife.

Steve Malley of Reading refused to spoil the surprise by letting wife Sophie pay for the presents on his debit card, instead transferring a lump sum into her account when she has finished.

He said: “I’m full of anticipation. Sophie loves shopping and I like watching Jamie Oliver on TV with a beer in my hand, so it’s about division of labour, really.

“I just need to hide my surprise better, after last year when I kept peering over people’s shoulders and going, “Oh, that looks nice, what does it do?

“She asked me what my sister liked and I said ‘Meh, I dunno,’ so it’s not like I haven’t played my part. Fingers crossed!”

Wife Sophie said: “Why would I mind? It’s only an extra seven people, and it’s a joy to shop for someone who called me a ‘slutty little piece’ at my own wedding.

“Steve’s mum and sister are hateful people. I buy them cheap crap, pocket the profit and they blame him for it. Everyone wins.”