Man picks up warm dog shit, seals it in a bag then leaves it in the hedge

A DOG walker has bagged a pile of fresh canine faeces then put it back in almost the same place.

Greyhound-type dog owner Tom Booker took immediate action when his pet voided its bowels on a path.

He said: “Fighting back nausea, I picked up the stinking dog shit with only a thin plastic bag between it and my hand.

“I could totally feel the warmth from where it had been in the dog’s arse. Also it was quite soft and squishy.

“Still gagging, I tied the bag to seal in the disgusting mess.

“Then I thought ‘fuck it’ and chucked it in the hedge.

“Not sure why I did that. Somehow I am ok with pretty much touching a carnivorous animal’s rank excrement, but not with carrying a plastic bag to a bin.

“Maybe on some level I really admire dog turds and want to enshrine then in a non-biodegradable material for others to enjoy.”