Tuesday, 7th July 2020

Man puts he/him in Twitter bio in pathetic attempt to sound 'woke'

A MAN whose gender has never been in doubt is describing himself as ‘he/him’ on Twitter in a feeble attempt to impress people.

32-year-old Tom Booker feels it is important to make his preferred pronouns clear, despite never having been mistaken for a female, or ever considering changing his gender. 

He also clarified that he was definitely not doing it just to appear ‘woke’ in a pathetic trendy way, or to attract a certain type of woman.

Booker said: “Some might call it tokenism, but misgendering someone can be very offensive. I don’t want to put anyone in a position where they’re not sure how I identify.

“Anyone saying that this is the worst form of pandering, or a gratuitous and embarrassing waste of energy, should spend a bit more time on Twitter and a bit less in the so-called ‘real world’.”

When asked if he would be offended if someone referred to him as ‘she’, Booker declined to comment.