Wednesday, 27th January 2021

Man singing on London balcony told to shut the f**k up

A MAN who wanted to make a video for social media about people coming together has been told to f**k right off by his neighbours.

Inspired by videos from Italy, Londoner Julian Cooke began belting out a stirring rendition of Jerusalem but was shouted down within seconds.

Cooke said: “I wanted to inspire everyone with a rousing anthem about overcoming adversity. But it seems I may have misjudged the mood in Elephant and Castle somewhat.

“I’d hoped my fellow countrymen would appear on their balconies and create an improvised string section, but the only person who even tried to join in was paralytically drunk and seemed to think the hymn was Tubthumping by Chumbawamba.

“On the bright side it does seem my neighbours aren’t having any grocery shortages judging by the amount of food items that were hurled in my direction.”

Neighbour Susan Traherne said: “It was a true demonstration of community spirit, all of us uniting in one common goal – shutting the tuneless twat up so we could hear the telly.”