Man thinks bullshit business course is genuinely educational

A WORKER studying for a pointless management qualification thinks it is genuinely educational, he has revealed.

Roy Hobbs believes he has joined the world of academia despite his course consisting of subjects like ‘motivating the team’.

Sales executive Hobbs said: “Every month I spend a day at business school and go to lectures on ‘leadership’ and ‘synergies’ with people in suits.

“This month we learnt about TIAR Theory, which means ‘Think, Implement, Act and Re-evaluate’. It’s basically doing something then seeing if it worked.

“I used to be in awe of people with degrees in serious things like physics, and now I’m one of them, eagerly devouring the classic texts like Successful Time Management in the 21st Century.

“We have some pretty intense debates. Iain said you’ve got to minimise costs and maximise profits, but I said you’ve got to focus on your people and build customer loyalty.

“If Einstein had done a business course he could have been as successful as Alan Sugar.