Man who hates ‘fake-looking’ women wants girlfriend with natural 36GG breasts

A MAN who hates the ‘plastic surgery look’ is searching for a girlfriend who has extraordinarily large natural breasts.

Account manager Tom Logan finds surgically enhanced breasts “a complete turn-off”, but still feels extremely large mammaries are crucial to any future relationship.

Logan said: “I went on a date last week with a woman who’d clearly had a breast enlargement and I just couldn’t get into them. Basically it’s a form of cheating.

“I’m just looking for a real woman with big pouty lips, a button nose, tiny waist and disproportionately sized breasts like Jessica Rabbit. Is that too much to ask?

“It’s not as if there’s a shortage of women with ginormous boobs. There are whole websites full of them. Apparently.

“Don’t get me wrong, their personality’s important. If they’ve got awesome bazoomas and like talking about cars too that’s a massive bonus.”

Logan is currently having difficulty finding a woman who meets his exacting standards of being completely natural and having huge tits, but says he will keep looking until he finds “the one”.