Man with ‘bullshit detector’ seems to believe a lot of bullshit

A MAN who prides himself on being able to detect ‘bullshit’ believes some incredibly stupid things.

Colleagues of sales manager Roy Hobbs have noticed his ‘bullshit detector’ often malfunctions over dubious facts, odd conspiracy theories and his own abilities.

Co-worker Nikki Hollis said: “Roy believes that dolphins can speak an actual language and Lindsay Lohan is a hermaphrodite. And apparently ‘the Russians have captured a ghost in a laboratory’.

“I’m sure none of that’s true, which makes me doubt other things he’s said, like seatbelts being bullshit because you get decapitated instead of going safely through the windscreen.”

Other subjects Hobbs has ‘called bullshit’ on include astrology, supermarket deals and global warming, although he remains convinced that hiding a 50p piece in your mouth will defeat breathalyser tests and rats can form a pyramid to attack larger adversaries.

Hobbs said: “I’m probably just more intelligent than other people, or it could be instinctive, like those dogs who can tell when their owner’s coming home because they’re telepathic.”