Man with ‘eclectic’ musical taste unable to name single artist he likes

A MAN claiming to appreciate a wide range of music has been unable to name a specific act or album that he likes.

Self-proclaimed music fanatic Julian Cook said: “I don’t care about genre boundaries – a great record is a great record.”

However when asked to name any album that he loves, Julian replied: “That’s not me. I love it all.

“I’m not going to answer that question because it implies a hierarchy in good music, which is ridiculous when it’s all totally unique.

“But if pressed, maybe that album with the picture of a tree on it.”

Colleague Tom Logan said: “I got suspicious when Julian couldn’t name a single reggae song despite professing to love reggae. He then failed to correct me when I referred to Mumford & Sons as Brooklyn’s top clowncore collective.

“Julian paints himself as some kind of semi-mystical John Peel figure, but the only CD in his car is the most popular Kaiser Chiefs album.

“He’s just a man who lives in fear of mockery.”