Man wondering if Carphone Warehouse is okay after day without sales call

A MAN with a mobile contract that is soon to expire is worried about the staff at Carphone Warehouse after going 24 hours without a call.

Tom Logan felt bereft when he did not receive either his pre-work or early evening call from a sales assistant offering him a limited-time-only upgrade.

Logan said: “I just hope everyone at the Carphone Warehouse is okay, something terrible must have happened for them not to call. I may have been a bit cold with them at first but I’ve come to enjoy our twice or thrice daily catch-ups.

“I ask about how Susan’s daughter is getting on at school or whether Neeraj ever did buy that motorbike. They ask me about my mobile date requirements and outline seven possible packages that could save me money today.

“They can’t be calling someone else instead to offer them a 24-month contract that’s just perfect for them can they?

“That would kill me.”