Man’s comments about ‘baby boomers’ starting to sound kind of bigoted

A MAN who blames ‘baby boomers’ for everything is starting to sound like a racist, people have noticed.

Web designer Wayne Hayes, 25, regularly says things that would be considered hate speech if directed at a racial group, rather than the incredibly diverse demographic born after 1945.

Co-worker Nikki Hollis said: “Wayne blames baby boomers for everything from tuition fees and leaving the EU to damaging the environment. It makes them sound like a crap version of SPECTRE.

“He says they’re the bastards who are responsible for all his problems, but I’m pretty sure billions of old people didn’t set up a huge conspiracy to stop him buying a flat.

“Personally I don’t agree with blaming one group for all society’s ills, because we know where that leads – Nigel Farage on TV all the fucking time.”

Friend Tom Logan said: “He’s starting to sound a bit mad, like he’s planning to blow up a Saga cruise ship or something.

“Also it’s a bit rich to say they’ve ruined everything with their selfishness, because his parents are really nice and gave him loads of money when he was fannying about at university.”