Men demand Tesco remove ‘gifts for children’ sign

ANGRY men have told Tesco to remove signs implying toys are for children.

The supermarket has labelled goods as being ‘gifts for boys or girls’ when some of them are actually X-Wing Fighters or really big water guns.

Sarah Bishop, from Stevenage, said: “I was in Tesco with my husband Martin and we saw a Bat Bike next to a sign saying ‘great gifts for kids’.

“So I immediately got my phone out and took a photo of Martin holding the box and looking really grumpy.”

Mrs Bishop and her two young daughters then moved the Batman toys, the action figures and all of the Lego to a different part of the supermarket while Mr Bishop sat in a trolley with his arms folded.

A spokesman for campaign group Let Men Be Boys said: “Men should be able to buy things without the childish pretence that they are either collectables or intended for a child.”

Mrs Bishop added: “Come on Tesco bosses, sort it out. Or Martin and his friends will find out where you live and kick the shit out of you.”