Middle-aged man in running shorts ‘asking for it’ with provocative outfit

A MIDDLE-aged man has caused a stir at work by donning a provocative outfit that clearly shows he is ‘asking for it’.

Terry Johnson, 52, was seen unashamedly flaunting his assets while heading for a lunchtime jog, opting for thigh-skimming nylon shorts and a tight t-shirt highlighting his ample cleavage.

Manager Joanna Bell said: “Look at him. You have to ask, what kind of message is he trying to send with that clothing?

“Why would he put on such a sexual display if not for the attention of women?”

She added: “It’s not just him. My assistant regularly comes to work in tight-fitting trousers and the lad in the cafe was clearly signalling when he asked me ‘how do you like it?’ as I ordered my coffee this morning.

“I’m not sexist – but I am only human. They know exactly what they are doing.”

Meanwhile, Johnson continued his sensual display by applying chapstick in full view of several women near the photocopier.