Modern dads fine with mawkish baby bullshit

MODERN fathers are just as capable as mothers at getting tediously over-emotional about their babies, they have announced.

Increasing numbers of dads are proving they can be horribly sentimental about being a parent in a way that makes others feel nauseous.

31-year-old Tom Booker said: “Having a baby is the most incredible adventure you can go on, apart from actual adventures like going into space or up a mountain.

“I’m always telling people how my son Finlay is my greatest achievement, although I worry about the world I’ve brought him into. That’s so profound they often go away immediately to think about it.

“He’s made me realise there’s more to life than shallow things like making tonnes of money or sleeping with loads of women, which obviously is what I was doing before with great success.

“Sometimes I look into his cot and think, ‘You are the future of humanity.’

“It’s very humbling, although weirdly it also makes me feel pleased with myself.”