Moron thinks everything is an ‘ad hominem’ attack

A MAN who uses the expression ‘ad hominem’ whenever anyone disagrees with him has no idea what it means, it has emerged.

Martin Bishop believes he is a victim of ad hominem attacks – in which an opponent criticises someone’s character rather than their argument – on a daily basis, and is wrong 90 per cent of the time.

He said: “I was arguing on Twitter with an idiot who refused to accept that Captain Marvel is the best Marvel film. He said I was wrong. That’s clearly ad hominem.

“When I told him to stop making ad hominem attacks he had the nerve to say I didn’t know what it meant, which is itself an ad hominem attack.

“Then today my boss said I needed to stop arguing on Twitter during working hours. I just said ‘pathetic ad hom mate’ and he looked confused. He’s probably not used to arguing with someone who knows brainy Latin words.”

Co-worker Nikki Hollis said: “Martin wrongly thinks ‘ad hominem’ applies to everything. He got a parking ticket recently and called the council ‘money-grubbing ad hominem b*stards’.

“Though when I tell people to ignore everything Martin says because he is a dense, pretentious tw*t, that is an ad hominem attack. But also true.”