Mum enjoys holiday in supermarket car park

A MUM who ‘popped out for milk’ is secretly enjoying a half-hour weekend mini-break in her car outside Tesco.  

Mother-of-three Mary Fisher told her family she would be ‘back in a minute’ before leaving the house in her Ford Fiesta.

She is now half way though her 30 minute vacation, staring out of the car window while eating the first of two raisin and biscuit Yorkies.

Fisher said: “The kids had been kicking off, the freezer was leaking a pale brown liquid and a new stain had appeared on the living room carpet.

“I just thought, ‘fuck this shit’.”

She added: “So I’m just going to sit here watching people putting grocery items into cars while I make a filthy mess of myself with this pair of chocolate-covered bastards.

“That’s how I roll.”