Nan started folding t-shirts in shop

A GRANDMOTHER couldn’t resist re-folding crumpled t-shirts during a visit to HMV, it has emerged.

Mary Fisher, who had popped into the store with granddaughter Emma Bradford, noticed that some people hadn’t refolded the t-shirts after trying them on and she felt she should lend a hand.

Fisher said: “No, it’s fine, really. No, really love, you get on with what you’re doing and I’ll just finish folding these.”

After folding all the clothing to her satisfaction, Fisher made all the staff a cup of tea and some sandwiches before stopping briefly to look at the Daniel O’Donnell CDs that she is definitely going to be getting as a present this coming Christmas.

Fisher added: “I’ve already got four copies of his ‘Best of’ but I’m sure they won’t remember. Anyway it is very good so I don’t mind.”

Granddaughter Emma Bradford said: “She does fold a good t-shirt. Just don’t go into Primark with her or you’ll end up there all day.”

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Nobody in meeting has f**king clue what it's about

WORKERS are bullshitting their way through an apparently important meeting despite having no idea what it is about.

The meeting has so far included mention of ‘synergistic client development’ and ‘leveraging core competencies’, while going on for over 90 minutes with nobody understanding why they are there or what is happening.

Marketing manager Donna Sheridan said: “My line manager assured me that it was crucial I attended, but I haven’t got a fucking clue what is going on. Now I’m in too deep to ask.

“However, it seems no one else knows either and they have just been chipping in with some jargon now and then so that they look clever.

She added: “Martin even used the phrase ‘cascading relevant information’ and we all laughed before we remembered we were meant to be taking it seriously.”