Thursday, 15th April 2021

Nan still pissed off about uninvited visitors arriving at dinnertime in 2003

A NAN has still not forgiven members of her family for turning up at her house unannounced at 4.30pm 18 years ago. 

83-year-old Mary Fisher was, as she frequently recalls, just sitting down for a meal of fishpaste sandwiches when the doorbell rang to reveal her nephew and his wife visiting from Australia who had made a 90-mile detour to surprise her and introduce their new baby.

She said: “I had a good mind to tell them to bugger off. What sort of person just knocks on someone’s door at half-past four, which is obviously when everyone has their evening meal?

“They knew. They came at that time because they wanted feeding. It ruined my meal, and if I’m honest the whole year.

“I had to put a fresh pot of tea on, open a pack of Penguins barely 12 months out of date that I was saving for Whitsun, and feed them. I didn’t want to of course. But I had to.”

“And they expected me to be grateful. Grateful! For feeding other folk and their kids! I’ll not forget it. I’ve rewritten my will.”

Fisher went on to describe how the doorbell recently went at dinner – the meal she eats at precisely 11.30am – and it was her nosy, interfering neighbours coming round to check she was not dead.