Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Neighbour 'totally fine' with collecting your Amazon delivery

A NEIGHBOUR has confirmed that it is 'totally fine' and he is in no way annoyed about collecting your Amazon deliveries. 

Norman Steele said it was 'no problem whatsoever' to be regularly interrupted and used as a handy parcel pick-up point for his neighbours. 

Steele said: “Today I took delivery of a small package, possibly a t-shirt, for my neighbour Emma. It’s really not an issue. I’d only just stepped into the shower anyway.

“And yesterday it was fine to have to break off a phone call, ask my wife if we’d ordered anything from Amazon and lug a massive heavy parcel inside.

“I think it was some weights for my neighbour Steve. That was no problem and I definitely wasn’t muttering ‘narcissistic weight-lifting scumbag’ under my breath.”

Neighbour Emma Bradford said: “Norman’s lovely. By which I mean ‘his good nature is convenient for me to exploit’.”