Noisy neighbours silenced by man seriously thinking about going over there 

A GROUP of noisy neighbours turned off their music after a man seriously considered going over there, it has been revealed. 

Tom Booker went on an epic rant about how inconsiderate it is to have a rowdy party in a residential area on a weeknight when some people have to be up at six. The rant was delivered to his wife, Sarah, in the safety of his own home. 

He said: “Honestly I have half a mind to go over there and give them a real talking to. But then again, it is quite cold out there.

“Also I think one of them is quite big and may have been in prison recently.” 

Fortunately for Booker, the neighbours miraculously felt his ire without him having to physically act, deciding to turn off their music and go out only two hours after he started moaning about it.

He said: “I must have really given them a good scare by thinking about knocking on their door and delivering a massive bollocking. I didn’t want to have to nearly do it, but now maybe they’ll think twice before messing with me again.”