Old hippyish man who didn’t murder anyone dies

AN OLD bearded man, who was around in the 60s but didn’t do any murders, has died.

Roy Hobbs, who was the exact same age as Charles Manson, passed away peacefully after a life of being a generally decent person and certainly not a homicidal maniac.

Neighbour Mary Fisher said: “Roy enjoyed gardening and looking after his cat. Once a week he got the bus into town to go shopping and have a cup of tea in a cafe.

“Sometimes he would try getting me to read a book called Chariots of the Gods and his house smelled of burned mung beans, but apart from that he was just a good guy.

“It’s a shame his relatives didn’t visit as much as they might have done. Maybe people would have given him more attention if he’d been an evil bastard who did loads of utterly horrible crimes.”

She added: “He definitely took acid, if that helps.”