Parents of GCSE failure delighted at reward savings

THE parents of a 16-year-old who failed his GCSEs are overjoyed with the reward money they have saved. 

Tom and Claire Logan of Swindon had promised son Josh £50 for every A grade and £100 for any A*s, and estimate his dismal results have netted them a saving of at least £500.

Tom said: “Like any parent I was really nervous when Josh opened that envelope, because we knew how much was riding on it. A freak result could’ve seen us a grand in the hole.

“When we found out that he’d got a single B in geography I punched the air in joy and relief, knowing that we’d be getting that 49-inch telly after all.

“I just wish we’d introduced a proper sliding scale so he’d have paid us for any grade of D or lower. We’d be sitting on a nice little bonus now.”

Josh Logan said: “It was purely an economic decision on my part. £1,000 sounds good but for the amount of revision I’d’ve had to put in it would’ve been less than minimum wage.

“Plus this way I get to continue living off them until I’m at least 40.”