People who live in Harrogate very easily pleased, say experts

EXPERTS have dismissed a survey naming Harrogate as the happiest town in Britain.

They have suggested that those who took part in the survey had either set the happiness bar very low or were of unsound mind.

Norman Steele, a leading critic of the survey, said: “Imagine a town built entirely of papier mache made from pulped copies of the Daily Mail.

“It is the sort of place where people visit WH Smiths at the weekend because there’s nothing better to do once they’ve dusted their Charles and Diana wedding mugs.”

He added: “I went to a pub and asked for vodka and orange. They served it with orange squash.

“I asked for a cheese sandwich. How can you go wrong with a cheese sandwich? I had to send it back three times.”

Steele said: “Dagenham came bottom of the list. But in Dagenham you can bask in a warm sense of achievement if you get through the day without being chased by a gang of children.”