‘Pick up artist’ seducing stupid men

A MAN selling bullshit ‘pick-up’ lessons has worked his magic on hundreds of gullible men.

31-year-old Tom Logan uses his silver tongue to convince horny idiots to hand over wads of cash in exchange for learning his completely made-up BONER method of coercing women into sex.

He said: “BONER stands for Be Ordinary Never Ever Robotic. If you have an acronym everyone thinks you’re a scientist.

“Really my expertise is at GITS – Getting Idiots To Stump Up.”

38-year-old IT consultant Norman Steele said: “When I met Tom I thought he had really nice eyes and could be the one to help me lose my virginity.

“But he just took my money and left me crying in the rain.

“However I still believe there is a secret word that makes attractive women physically fly at you as if they have been catapulted.”