Pop sociology ‘no longer useful’

A CONTROVERSIAL new pop sociology book claims that pop sociology has nothing left to say.

Is your dog bored of irrelevant pie charts?

According to Tom Logan’s Is This The End For Pop Sociology? books like Hanna Rosin’s End of Men have saturated the market for dreary topics such as gender identity in the 21st century.

Logan said: “A few years ago, people were rushing to buy books about ludicrous non-issues with deliberately provocative titles like Is Your Dog Your Lover?

“But readers have somehow grown tired of pretentious, rambling tripe based on sweeping generalisations and meaningless personal anecdotes.

“Pop sociologists need to get a grip and start focusing on relatable topics such as whether orgasms are a political statement.”

Logan also considers whether pathetic hack writers should return to the topic of alien abduction.

He said: “That whole ‘getting-levitated-out-of-the-window’ thing was pretty massive in the early 90s.

“Maybe that’s why men have become emasculated, because creatures that look like giant babies have harvested all their sperm.