Pope gives atheists permission to think

POPE Francis has allowed atheists to use their brains independently of God.

Top-notch poping

Top-notch poping

Francis became the first Pope since the founding of the Catholic Church to grant non-believers some limited control over their own thoughts.

In a letter to an Italian newspaper, the Pontiff said that atheists could now decide for themselves what was right and wrong using something called a ‘conscience’.

But he added: “Don’t go crazy with it, because we all know what you’re like.”

Tom Logan, an atheist from Stevenage, said: “Thanks Pope, that’s really nice of you.

“I have been struggling with whether or not to use my conscience in everyday life.

“I do tend to use it most days, but I don’t really trust it because it didn’t come from heaven.”

Logan added:  “I promise I won’t go on a massive killing spree.”

Helen Archer, a non-believer since 1997, said: “It’s good to know that thinking independently is something to which I can ‘opt-in’.

“I plan to use it mostly at the weekends and for watching television.”

Theologian Professor Julian Cook, added: “The last Pope wouldn’t have let you think for yourselves in a million years.

“You’re very lucky, you know.”