Prosecco is top blackout juice

EVERYBODY is getting wasted on Prosecco this year, supermarkets have confirmed.

Traditionally consumed by Italians as a springtime aperitif, the sparkling wine has become the fast track to lightly sparkling oblivion for millions of UK drinkers.

Wine expert Francesca Johnson said: “Prosecco is great for when the sun’s out and you want to get wrecked in the day without feeling like a tramp.

“You can have six or ten glasses in a session because it’s a light fun drink.

“Sometimes my friends and I laugh so much that we feel dizzy and vomit down our fronts.”

Joanna Kramer of Brighton said: “The bubbles get you drunker, especially if you neck it fast, and after three bottles I was already finding myself places with no clear idea of how I got there.

“Perhaps it makes you teleport.”

Prosecco fan Stephen Malley said: “I woke up this morning in the garden, a four-inch cut on my forearm from where I punched the glass of the back door out trying and failing to get in the house.

“I chuckled to myself and said ‘Oh, that cheeky Prosecco’.”