Man’s puny exterior may mean he is extremely hard

31-YEAR-OLD Stephen Malley’s slight build has prompted speculation that he may be one of those small wiry hard men.

He has this quiet confidence

Sales administrator Malley, who is five feet five inches tall and weighs eight stone, has a gentle demeanour and no obvious interest in fighting.

His colleague Roy Hobbs said: “It’s the small ones you’ve got to look out for, and they don’t come much smaller than Steve. Clearly he’s hard as fuck.

“I bet he’s like one of those bantamweight boxers, or Bruce Lee.

“You know Bruce Lee was only four and a half feet tall.”

Tom Booker, who sits opposite Hobbs, added that there was a little guy who went to his gym who was a nutter on the bench press.

“There’s lots of big lads around these days but you can tell Steve would be like a terrier in a scrap, just getting all over them and biting their face and legs, like a bitey ninja.

“You can just tell.”

Malley, who plans to spend his weekend cooking a paella and visiting the local arts cinema, remains unaware of his reputation as a small pale death machine.