Friday, 4th December 2020

Quaint old concept of 'days of the week' remembered

BRITAIN has cast its mind back to the old times when the days of the week were individually named and distinct from one another. 

People across the UK are lost in nostalgia for the quaint tradition of splitting time into seven different ‘days’ rather than one big long socially distanced, self-isolated, locked-down unchanging present.

Tom Booker of Durham said: “It’s so funny to think back on now, all those weekdays and weekends and bank holidays.

“I remembered the phrase ‘Friday feeling’ earlier and burst out laughing at the idea. Friday is the same as every other day. Long.”

Nikki Hollis agreed: “I tried recently to work out what day it was the way people used to reckon it. Apparently it was ‘Sunday’, which for those long ago used to be a day of rest. Imagine that. A whole day where you could rest.

“Then I checked the calendar and realised it was Tuesday. It’s safe to say I’m not in a great way.”

Other concepts now consigned to history include planning, socialising, touching other people and outside.