Racist grandpa branches out into sexism

A RACIST grandfather has added casual misogyny to his repertoire, family members have confirmed.

72-year-old Roy Hobbs was explaining that beneath every ‘burkin’ there could be a suicide bomber when he abruptly added that women could never be engineers or inventors because of their ‘smaller, calmer brains’.

He said: “I don’t know why everyone was so surprised. Just because I’m getting on a bit doesn’t mean I can’t try new things.

“I’ve always been strong on the old xenophobic diatribes but post-Brexit they’re not getting the reactions they used to so I thought I’d try my hand at a bit of this sexism. It’s very big on the internet.

“You have more time when you’re retired, so I’ve been practicing my chauvinism with Sid up the allotment and I reckon we can’t have a woman home secretary because their monthly time makes them emotional. How’s that?”

Granddaughter Laura Hobbs said: “He called me ‘Sugar tits’ when I was making the tea. I said ‘Grandad!’ and he sheepishly said he was still feeling his way into it, and apologised.”