White supremacist struggling to draw swastikas

AN ILLITERATE white supremacist still believes in his genetic superiority even though he is unable to correctly draw a swastika.

Tom Logan of Peterborough carved the symbol on a toilet door with a Stanley knife yesterday, but once again managed to reverse it into the Buddhist symbol for the glorious inevitability of creation.

Logan said: “I got into far-right politics when I lost my job and my girlfriend left me, I assume because of Asians and the powerful Jewish lobby respectively.

“But I don’t hold pens much and keep fucking it up by drawing it backwards or doing too many lines so it looks like a star, and I can’t spell Hitler’s name the same way twice.

“Maybe that’s why all the other Nazis round here have got tattoos, so they can just copy.”

Logan’s former teacher Stephen Malley said: “I’m hardly surprised. When he used to carve NF on school desks it always ended up looking more like the Van Halen logo.”