Royals back at their shit office jobs

MEMBERS of the royal family are gutted to be back at their desks after a four-day break, it has emerged.

One also does some cash-in-hand building work on the side

After a bumper four-day weekend of celebrations and boozing the British monarchy, who have to do normal shit jobs to make ends meet, have returned to normality with a bump.

Prince Charles is a sales ledger clerk for a building supplies firm in Gloucester.

He said: “I’ve got arseloads of emails to delete and a banging headache from all the grog.

“It was a great weekend but I’m wondering whether it was all worth it, I’m really rough today.

“I wish I didn’t have to be here but I’ve got two kids, no pension and a girlfriend who spends all my money on hats.

“Ideally being a prince would be something one could do full-time, although I’m not sure exactly how that would work.”

Meanwhile Princess Anne is back at work as a receptionist at Fitness First in Cheltenham.

She said: “The juice dispenser’s broken and we’ve run out of large towels. It’s absolutely typical of when I have a couple of days off, everything goes to pot.

“Also I feel horrific and have just had a proper full-on whitey in the disabled toilets.”