‘Selfie’ is piece-of-shit society’s Word of the Year

A WORD for a photograph of yourself by yourself is the ‘Word of the Year’ for a society that no longer cares about words.

Here's a photograph of something that's not you

Here’s a photograph of something that’s not you

The Oxford English Dictionary, the terminally jaded guardian of the English language, announced that out of all the words used over the last 12 months, ‘selfie’ is the one that really sums everything up.

A spokesman said: “It would have been nice if the Word of the Year was ‘boson’ or ‘wherewithal’ or ‘Lepidoptera’.

“It might even have been vaguely acceptable if the word for a smartphone self-portrait was something like ‘selfication’ or ‘autoscape’.

“Anyway, next year we’re not even going to try. So the ‘Word of the Year’ will be whatever your name is. Because that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?”

The spokesman added: “It’s not our job to make you better people. We’ve got lives.”

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “I’m so pleased that the ‘Word of the Year’ symbolises our ever increasing distance from things that are not pictures.

“Next year’s ‘Word of the Year’ should really be a video of an amusing baby.”