Wednesday, 19th February 2020

Seven-year-old in shock after seeing teacher in supermarket during holidays

A CHILD has been left traumatised after seeing one of his teachers in the supermarket during the school holidays. 

Tom Booker is still struggling to come to terms with the sighting of Miss Sheridan, 33, in Aldi, wearing casual clothes and somehow not in a school environment. 

A visibly shaken Booker said: “Mum sent me to get some broccoli when I saw Miss Sheridan buying tomatoes and talking to a man. I immediately realised something strange and terrifying was going on.

“My blood ran cold and I started shaking. It was like being in a dream – or a nightmare. What bizarre vision will I see next? A family of dogs driving a car?”

Booker said the revelation had completely upended his understanding of the world, particularly his assumption that  during the holidays teachers simply climbed into cupboards and went to sleep.

Miss Sheridan, meanwhile, was unaware of the encounter and continued to not behave like a teacher by buying condoms and a sh*tload of tequila.