Six-year-old writes letter calling Southern Trains money-grubbing f**ks

A SIX-YEAR-OLD girl has written a letter to a train company asking why they are such bastards.

Eleanor Shaw’s letter, prompted by her father being late home from work for the past 932 days, is a vitriolic screed of colourful abuse that has touched thousands of hearts.

The letter, which begins ‘Dear Mr Railway Bastard,’ continues: “My big brother has a train set but always crashes the trains, which makes him twice as competent as even the most cretinous cockroach in your piss poor subsidy-drunk operation.

“Just run your shitting trains up and down their twat tracks according to schedule like fucking professionals, not muppets handed a multi-million pound franchise by Tory ideologues.

“Reckon you can manage that? Bollocks you can, fuckwits.”

Commuter Tom Booker said: “Somehow, in her childlike way, she’s managed to say exactly what all of us have been thinking.

“Who can ignore this little girl’s simple, heartfelt plea for the entire board of directors at Southern Rail to be shredded and fed to foxes?

“The least they can do is make her wishes come true.”

The rail company wrote back: “Dear Eleanor, our trains are usually on time but your daddy is late home every night because he’s having an affair.

“All the best, Southern Rail.”

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Fox News's Broadchurch refresher

FOX News’s recap of what happened in season one of Broadchurch.


The body of a local school kid is found on the beach and it rocks a small mountain community, where everyone has something to hide. Soon it becomes obvious that no one is who they seem, and are in fact ghosts who don’t know they’re dead. In his breakthrough leading role, David Tenant is pursued by members of the clergy, who have been dispatched on a mysterious mission by an ancient branch of the Knights Templar and will stop at nothing to prevent him getting his hands on the scrolls.

A smorgasbord of fascinating regional accents keep you open-mouthed from the word go and you will literally not know which region to trust. Watch out for a cameo appearance by British pop sensation, Adele – who also provides a powerfully emotional soundtrack.


Acting talent from all your favourite British shows, including dad from Downton Abbey as the ruthless newspaper editor and Ross’s English fiancée from Friends as the mom. A special appearance from Pauline Quirke as the Log Lady.

David Tenant is the angry Scotch cop with a chequered past. He’s been living with a curse ever since pricking his finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and contracting hepatitis. On top of that, he must complete all his cop duties while transporting a thimble of unstable uranium in his sporran, which makes for some tense scenes. It’s gritty viewing, and at several points we see him wince, clutch his chest and lean on a wall for support. It’s okay though: he doesn’t die.

You haven’t seen anyone more depressed than Olivia Coleman, who gives the performance of her career. An onset buddy confided in Fox News that Coleman was actually fitted with a tiny motor which assisted her diaphragm during filming, culminating in a harrowing final scene where she regurgitates it into a wastepaper basket as Tenant holds back her hair.  This makes her visibly upset.


The camera work is stunning, with some excellent beach shots and some strategic blurring filter effects, which signal to us that Tenant’s astigmatism is playing up and we should be fearful for his health. Mercifully, it comes back into focus and lets us know he’s back on track and fighting crime again.