Slightly odd man anticipates record libel win

A MAN who lives on his own is expecting a record libel payout after being called ‘paedo’ by local teenagers every day for the past 16 years.

Council estate loner Roy Hobbs, 45, has been the victim of the daily taunts after a gang of teenagers decided he was a paedophile due to not being married, cutting his own hair and riding a woman’s bicycle.

Hobbs said: “The little buggers have been calling me a paedo for years, just because I keep myself to myself and obsessively hoard things I’ve found on the local tip.

“But it looks like I’m having the last laugh. Lord thingy’s getting six figures just for Philip Schofield writing his name on a bit of card.

“I’ve been called a paedo 5,840 times over the past 16 years, having counted each incidence due to my somewhat obsessive nature, which works out £2,920,000,000.

“That’s a lot of broken biscuits from Lidl.”

Hobbs is already planning a spending spree with his libel winnings, including a trip to Leeds to visit his brother and the purchase of an oil heater for his shed, where he keeps his extensive collection of old newspapers.

Local teenager Wayne Hayes said: “My defence is that Hobbs keeps kids in his basement so he can bum them whenever he feels like it. They’ve been there so long they’ve mutated into these weird creatures without eyes.

“And that’s true because my mate Ryan’s uncle told him and he works at the council.”



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