Students threaten to re-animate the Levellers

STUDENT activists have warned politicians that they are prepared to
unleash 90s crusty-rock favourites The Levellers in their battle against reality.

This ends now

The National Campaign against Fees and Cuts claims to have re-animated the band after a nine-hour shamanic ritual at the secret pagan mound beneath which they had been sleeping for the past decade.

A spokesman said: “We’ve got all the original lineup – Jez, Dregsy, Muffett and Spore – to record a new album. It’s called Good Things are Good and Bad Things are Bad.

“It has didgeridoos and people shouting ‘Don’t let them control you!’.”

He added: “There will also be a Levellers tour of all the cool festivals, and some new long sleeve t-shirts with aboriginal-influenced designs showing policemen hitting babies with planks.

“This is not a bluff. They’re all at mine as we speak, chilling out with some ethically-sourced soup and composing songs about the oppressor on a lovely old banjo.”

Chief superintendent Denys Hattin, said: “We take anything to do with The Levellers extremely seriously.

“Their song One Way with the immortal refrain ‘There’s only one way of life, and that’s your own, that’s your own, that’s your own’ pretty much caused a revolution in its day, opening the population’s mind in such a way that they became very difficult to control.

“As a member of the establishment, I cannot overstate how much they frighten me.”