Titanic passengers 'had feet'

TRAGIC passengers aboard the doomed Titanic wore shoes, new photos have revealed.

Poignant images from the sunken wreck tell, for the first time, an all too human story of people with feet.

The photographs, taken in 2004 but only released now because of their graphic nature, show how the doomed passengers on the tragic liner were very similar to people who have feet today.

Martin Bishop, a Titanicologist, said: “We often forget that the Titanic had people on it. These amazingly tragic photos show how very real these people were and how easily many of them were able to move around.

“We used to think that 100 years ago people had wheels instead of feet and that they found these wheels very difficult to control, resulting in thousands of horrific accidents.

“Now, thanks to these poignantly tragic images, not only do we know that feet were widely available, it enables us to relate to them in a very poignant way.

“Who among us has not taken their shoes off next to the bed and then looked at them and thought ‘I wonder how long they would last in very deep sea water?’.”

He added: “These shoes are quite big so they probably came from a rich passenger. In 1912 poor people had very small feet. Because of coal mining.

“We also have a photo of a poignant hat but we can’t show you that because it’s still too graphic. Maybe next year.”



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Referee declares Chelsea winners of the Superbowl

REFEREE Martin Atkinson has announced that Chelsea Rovers won their game in straight sets yesterday.

Speaking from the front garden of somebody else’s house and dressed as a Roman centurion, he said he was satisfied with his officiating during the FA Cup semi-final at the Crucible in Sheffield.

Atkinson said: “For Chelsea’s second basket, Cudicini was clearly lbw so I had no choice other than to award Spurs a ten-second time penalty and sin bin their cox for ten minutes.

“I spoke with both managers after the race and neither Alex Ferguson nor Alf Ramsey had any complaints. My report will be submitted to the FA just as soon as I can find the magical door at the back of my wardrobe.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea will celebrate their victory by opening a lack-of-charm school for football fans hoping to brush up on the finer points of what the club have branded ‘Twatiquette’.

Located in the grounds of their Cobham Arsehole Centre, students will be taught on the finer points of race relations, marriage vow loopholes and reasons for not keeping your fat, cretinous mouth shut for a single minute.

Tutor Wayne Hayes said: “We will be accepting students on scholarships from poor backgrounds if they show exceptional promise on being a godawful pile of fuck.

“But generally speaking our alumni will be potbellied Surrey taxi drivers who would be Daily Mail readers if they did not think reading ‘made you some kind of poof’.”

Adverts for the centre will soon appear in spray paint at locations across the globe, including Ground Zero, the Cenotaph and all newly-erected headstones in the UK over the next three months.