Tough Mudders defeated by normal conversation

INEXPLICABLY popular assault course event Tough Mudder has introduced a new obstacle that involves having a conversation about non mud-based things.

The team-building physical endurance event already featured challenges including ‘Arctic Enema’, ’Deeply Unpleasant Swamp’, ‘Shitload of Mud’ and ‘Yet Another Shitload of Mud’.

However participants have described the new obstacle ‘Basic Social Skills’ as virtually impossible.

38-year-old exercise obsessive Stephen Malley said: “You go into a hut and there’s a person in there with whom you must have a conversation about something other than physical endurance, feeling the burn or hydration levels.

“Usually all I do is bang on about Tough Mudder, or mountain biking at a push, so my mind went completely blank.

“I was on the floor holding my head, trying to make the words come out.”

Recruitment consultant Mary Fisher said: “I am obsessed with all forms of achievement, however pointless, so it’s mega tough to talk about non-competitive things.

“They need to replace this challenge with something more enjoyable, like crawling through a long underwater tunnel full of disgusting filth.”