Trendy whisky drinker turning into traditional whisky drinker

A 28-YEAR-OLD who got into whisky because it was fashionable now resembles a middle-aged Scotch drinker, it has emerged.

Hipster Tom Logan’s initial plan to discover ‘small batch’ craft whisky made by people with tasteful tattoos has been replaced by a new one to get pissed while sitting at home in his slippers.

Girlfriend Nikki Hollis said: “Six months ago Tom wanted to discover new blends and visit trendy whisky bars, but now he prefers to drink it in his armchair with a little jug of water.

“He’s also stopped droning on about ‘peaty aromas’ and ‘fruity finishes’ in favour of half-finished sentences that sort of trail off into vaguely aggressive mumbling.

“I’m starting to think the true appeal of whisky might be not be its fascinating heritage, but the very high alcohol content.”

Logan said: “I’ve noticed my nose has turned red, but that’s probably just a healthy glow from the ‘water of life’.”