Valentine's Day makes fatal error of going right up against much better Pancake Day

DEVOURING circles of delicious fried batter will win over romantic declarations of love every time, it has been confirmed.

With the two occasions falling consecutively this week, British people say that, while the promise of rare weeknight sex on Valentine’s Day is exciting, the same joy can be achieved on Pancake Day without any tedious pubic hair management.

Donna Sheridan, from Kingswood, said: “Whoever thought Valentine’s Day could beat Shrove Tuesday has never enjoyed the sugar high of swigging maple syrup straight from the bottle.

“Granted, you can get chocolates as a gift on Valentine’s, but there’s so much baggage. You have to thank your partner and then have an apparently pleasant conversation which contains a lot of subtext about how you haven’t shagged since Christmas Eve.

“But you don’t get any of that on Pancake Day. I believe there’s some sort of ancient religious context, but nobody knows what that is and so really it’s about stuffing your face until you feel so fat you can’t move. Just like Easter.

“It’s pretty much impossible for my boyfriend to be able to make Valentine’s Day beat the high of Pancake Day. I suppose he could propose. But you can’t put Nutella on an engagement ring.”

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