Thursday, 15th April 2021

Virtue signalling is pathetic, says man wearing massive poppy

A MAN who thinks people expressing opinions about their values is a bad thing is wearing a great big poppy no one can fail to see.

Jack Browne believes anyone who makes public statements in favour of good causes is only doing it to make themselves look good, whilst having a large public statement pinned to his chest.

Browne said: “Snowflakes who are into worthy causes are only doing it for their own egos. It’s just moral grandstanding, unlike me and my ginormous poppy, which is completely different.

“I don’t actually do anything for old soldiers apart from pay 50p for a poppy. Unless you count getting quite aggressive about people not wearing one. I’ll be watching those BBC presenters like a hawk.

“It’s not like trendy causes such as global warming. I’m wearing a poppy out of decency, concern and respect. Those environmental hippies are probably just in it for the drugs.

“Would I give a homeless veteran on the street a quid? No, that’s just virtue signalling. Like the brave men on the Normandy beaches, I’ve done my bit.”